copyright of my pictures or videos

nobody can copy and sell all my pictures and videos i'm posting on youtube or selling in private. if someone try to do it, i will prosecute him with no mercy! :)

modelling is my passion, i'm sharing my passion with my fans! i will never authorize somebody to earn money with my pictures or videos without my consent.

Personne ne peut copier et vendre mes photos et videos. Si quelqu'un le fait quand même, je l'attaquerais en justice sans aucune pitié. Je suis modèle par passion et je partage ma passion avec mes fans! je n'autorise personne à gagner de l'argent avec mon travail sans mon consentement!

Thanks et  merci.

Julie Skyhigh Heels

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this is my blog where you can find me!

you can find me on my facebook profile too!!


if you don't find me, search for Julie skyhigh heels!!

on youtube, my profile can be delete!! i don't know why because there's no nudity or sex offense!!but if it happens, my blog or my facebook profile will be the best way to find me again!!




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